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Makkovik Fitweek 2019
Posted 05 June 2019, 11:21 am NDT
Monday, June 10th

6:30pm-Fitweek Walk-Meet at the Arena and Walk/Run to the Dam and back.

Tuesday, June 11th

6:30 pm-Meet by Arena. Run/walk any of 3K, 5K, 10K.

Wednesday, June 12th

7:30pm capture the flag at the ball field all ages

Thursday, June 13th

6:30 pm Zombie Chase. Meet at the Council Office. If you wish to be a zombie please dress up or wear black. If you wish to be fresh meat for the undead please dress in white and cover yourself with delicious spices.

Friday, June 14th
6:30 pm meet at arena 20 laps around arena

People who are 4 to 14 get their names in a draw for $50 If they are in all 5 events.

People who are 15 and up and took part and completed all 5 events throughout the week are eligible to have their names entered in a draw to win $100.

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