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Household Items
courtesy Mary Andersen Sr. (larger version)
Cup and Saucer
These were presented as a gift to Wilson Andersen (1882-1942) and his wife Harriet (1886-1963) by Rev. and Mrs. Lenz. The German inscription reads "His/Her Silver Anniversary".
courtesy Mary Andersen Sr. (larger version)
This belonged to Bertha Andersen (1872-1950). She often took her morning tea in bed while waiting for the house to warm up. Wood stoves would only be lit after you got up each day.
This was removed from the Manse basement. A note inside reads: Part of Hebron grandfather clock. Now at Makkovik to be repaired.
Typewriter (larger version)
This was most likely the property of one of our German missionaries. The keyboard has the Z and Y keys in reverse position. [Four missionaries from Germany were: Rev.Jannasch, Rev.Lenz, Rev.Hettasch, and Rev.Volprecht]
Radio Telephone (larger version)
Radio Telephone
This is part of a Radio Telephone. It was the first means of long distance communication along the coast. However, it was not very efficient or reliable.
courtesy Jim Andersen Sr. (larger version)
Phonograph / Radio
Wind-up and/or battery operated. It used 78 or 33 1/3 rpm records.
courtesy Hilda Evans (larger version)
Medicine Chest
This chest was brought over from Ben's Cove in the 1930's. The first hospital in Makkovik was built in 1961, so many relied on home remedies for common ailments.
courtesy Leonard McNeill (larger version)
Over 100 years old, given to the McNeill family of Island Harbour, by Rev. Sach. When they received it second-hand it was missing its handle, so Leonard McNeill attached one.

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