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Here are a few more photos of the Long Tickle dig.
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Newfoundland and Labrador's badminton coach Mike Alexander came to Makkovik from August 2nd-3rd 2010 to teach some of the youth a few badminton skills.
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Fit Week Walkers.
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Hall of Youth Grand Opening November 23, 2012
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various plants and scenery throughout Makkovik area
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Named the "Northwest Board Walk" due to is location in the community. Located to the northwest of the community past the school. The Northwest Board Walk is near the new residential area of the community. Walk down the board walk for a picnic, berry picking, take some scenic pictures or go rod fishing for Arctic Char.
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35th Annual Heritage Dog Team Race
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Makkovik Easter Carnival 2015
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Clean Up Week Poster Contest
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The weekend of February 15 and 16th, 2019 marked the final Billy Quak Tournament in Makkovik.
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If you are interested in being a sponsor or putting an ad at the Makkovik Arena please get in touch with the administration office via email info@makkovik.ca or by calling 709-923-2221 ext 1.
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A huge "thank you" to the following: Makkovimiut Trust Inc for funding this event, Air Borealis for donating the ticket as a door prize, Torngat Fish Producers for donating the 2 boxes of 30 lb crab for the Torngat fisheries King & Queen, the bakers for the awesome supper, Ed "the cop" for donating ice cream and cones for a after supper treat & helping out, the Makkovik JCR's for all their help, Trisha and Destiny for lending a huge hand, A&K Variety, Frank's, Nunatisavut Government, Inuit Pathways and anyone who helped out in anyway this event wouldn't not have been possible with all your help.
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This is a Net Metering project that will produce most of the energy in the summer months and will be credited towards the winter months bills. The Nunatsiavut Government has provided the funds for the green energy project.
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The Alumni Sportsmeet was held in Nain October 11-13, 2019.
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Makkovik Fall Festival Photo Contest Entries-Thank you for participating!
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