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Makkovik Jamboree
Each March, the Department of Health and Social Development (formerly the Labrador Inuit Health Commission) plans a Music Jamboree. It takes place at the Community Hall, and is a great evening of song. Several local musicians entertain the crowd. A special guest is flown in for the occasion. Refreshments are available during the intermission. T-shirts are presented to performers. Door prizes are drawn. Appreciation certificates and plaques are presented to supporters.

The first Music Jamboree was held in March 1994. Being low budget, it featured local artists. Gary Mitchell was the MC and he performed along with Uncle Jim Andersen, Dickey Pottle, Linda Pottle, Clyde Jacque, Herb Jacque, and some others.

The 17th annual Music Jamboree was held on March 20, 2010. New vocalists this year was a young trio made up of Trisha Andersen, April Ann Groves, and Taylor Jacque who sang unaccompanied "The Climb" (Miley Cyrus). The special guest and MC was accordion player Aiden Clark from Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Other special guests over the years flown in for the occasion are Selby Mesher, Eldred Mesher, Jock Campbell, Beatrice Hope, Margaret Metcalfe, and Cathy Lane. Since moving away, Gary and Jennifer Mitchell have often been invited back to perform.

"Probably the most memorable event was I think in 1995 when the Hall was completely packed with people from all over Labrador. There were deer hunters here from southern Labrador and also students from all over Labrador were also in town for some school event. A couple of them performed that night as well. I just remember we had a full house and the night was fantastic," says Linda Pottle, one of the organizers.

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