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Makkovik Trout Festival
Makkovik Trout Festival (larger version)
The festival originated as a part of the Canada Day Celebrations in 1988. It's getting more popular each year and now runs every August on its own. One of the main events is the Trout Supper, which offers trout served in a variety of ways such as smoked, fried, stewed, and fish & brewis. Other foods are served as well, including chicken, caribou, a variety of salads, beverages, and desserts.

Events run for five days, and may include a beach volleyball tournament, rowing race, children's home-made boat race, sand sculpture contest, bouncy castle, water fun, local talent, singalong, dance, Battle of the Brains, slide show, scavenger hunt and much more. The Trout Festival is an opportune time for visitors to experience the outdoor life and scenic beauty of Makkovik. Bring your loved one along and have a romantic night of watching fireworks and listening to music.

We would like to thank all those who came to Makkovik last summer and we hope you will come again this year. We hope after you read what we have to offer you will come join us this summer and we guarentee that you will want to come back next year!

For more information on the Makkovik Trout Festival contact the Recreation Director at (709) 923-2202.

2020 Makkovik Trout Festival CANCELLED

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