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Personal Items
courtesy Mary Andersen Sr. (larger version)
Ivory Decorations
These belonged to Bertha Andersen (1872-1950) which she had sewn around the bottom edge of her silipak (coat). They would rustle as she walked. They are about one inch in length and are probably made of walrus tusk.
courtesy Mary E. Andersen (larger version)
Pocket Watch
This belonged to Torsten Kverna Andersen (1834-1904) and later to his son Wilson (1882-1943).
courtesy Jim Andersen Sr. (larger version)
One of 10 pieces of brass instruments brought to Makkovik from Okak. Up until the 1970's, Makkovik's church had always had a brass band.
courtesy Tony Andersen (larger version)
Wooden Doll
This wooden doll was found in a crack in a rock at Long Tickle (south of Makkovik). It is well over 100 years old.
courtesy Linie Jacque (larger version)
This is a knife used in the cleaning of sealskins. This one belonged to Mary Ann (Mitchell) Andersen (1896-1957).
courtesy Hubert Groves (larger version)
This belonged to Maude Groves. It is over 100 years old.
courtesy Mary Andersen Sr. (larger version)
Baby Carriage
This is over 100 years old. It was brought over from Europe by a missionary family. When Rev. and Mrs. Lenz left in 1932, they gave it to Harriet Andersen. Mary Andersen used it with all of her 9 children and it was passed around to others in the community if they needed it. At one time the carriage had a hood.

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