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Makkovik Flag
Makkovik Flag: Still in touch with Labrador's past, but leading toward the future (larger version)
The Makkovik Flag was designed by the late Anthony Andersen during a highschool contest. This flag is meant to serve the unique identity of the people of Makkovik. The colors are gold and burgundy, which is also the same colors used by the local school sportsmeet team. When you visit the community you will see symbols of the flag present at each gateway in the community (leaving the airport before you enter the community to the local wharf). Lapel pins of the flag are available at the local community government office at 16 Andersen Street.
Makkovik Mascot, Olie (larger version)
The Visit From the Polar Bear
Composed and sung by Gary Mitchell of Makkovik, recorded on the audio tape *Hanging on to Labrador* (About an actual event that happened in November, 1991).

A polar bear came into town late one Friday night
And hung around McNeill's place, and it was quite polite.
Next morning Makkovik was a-buzz with news about the bear.
A crowd gathered down at Indian Head like people at the fair.

The animal was beautiful with its furry coat of white.
It sat by Uncle Rupert's house thinking about its plight.
Eating on some seal meat, the polar bear did pose
So folks could take some pictures before she decides to go.

She didn't rest for very long and there wasn't any peace
With all the people around there amazed at this big beast.
She even stole out on the mud and walked toward the south
With Martin Dan behind her taking chances no doubt.

The bear went ashore and sauntered down the road,
Then back to Indian Head, a favorite place of abode.
Again she tried to get some rest but people were still there,
Watching all the movements of this big polar bear.

The bear stole off into the woods with people on her trail
But they all came running back out as the bear was on their tail.
Finally disgusted with the crowd, she swam across the bight,
Thinking to herself, I'll be back again tonight.

Sure enough that evening the word spread around,
Our darling wild polar bear is once again in town.
She came by Uncle Rupert's and stood upon the steps,
Waiting by the doorway to see if they took in guests.

She slept down in that area… I think 'twas by the dog.
I guess the dog slept like a bear and the bear slept like a log.
Next morning it was Sunday. The sun shone bright and clear.
Phone calls were made to Wildlife to please remove the bear.

A chopper landed on Indian Head with 'Caribou Stu' and Al.
They chased the bear with a tranquilizer on the side of the hill.
The crowd then caught up with them and observed the dopey bear,
While they removed a tooth from her and tagged her furry ear.

A hush fell over the large crowd as the chopper lifted off.
Seeing our bear in a net bag, our hearts begin to stop.
The excitement was all over but memories remain.
We dearly hope one day we'll see our polar bear again.
Town Mascot
Olie the polar bear is our town mascot. He makes appearances on special occasions, especially in parades. He even travels to Happy Valley-Goose Bay with the Winter Games Team, every three years. Olie was 'born' in 1996, during our Come Home Year festivities. He is named after a hometown person, Olaf Andersen, the first ordained minister from Makkovik, who moved away to serve as a Moravian minister in Wisconsin.

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