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JOB OPPORTUNITY - extended to April 16th, 2019
Posted 01 April 2019, 4:47 pm NDT
Chief Administrative Officer
Makkovik Inuit Community Government

Status and Reporting Protocol:

This is a full time permanent non-bargaining unit position which reports directly to the Inuit Community Government of Makkovik.

The purpose of this job description is to outline the duties, roles, and responsibilities of this position. It is not meant to be limiting or all inclusive. As with all employees, from time to time there may be a need to assist in carrying out other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned (or requested) by Council in order to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the town, and to respond to other pressing needs as they may arise.

Primary Focus of Responsibility:
The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for the overall administration and management of the Town of Makkovik on a day to day basis, and all staff report directly to this individual. It is incumbent on the CAO to provide leadership, information, and support to the AngajukKak and council in enacting their decisions as elected officials, and to assist in providing the necessary resources to ensure their initiatives are successfully implemented.
The CAO interacts on a daily basis with other staff, municipal colleagues and affiliates, consultants, and other professionals (as necessary) to ensure the continued effective management and administration of the town. It is essential that the CAO be informed on an ongoing basis of all significant decisions, activities, and initiatives at the staff level that affect the municipality. Furthermore, all decisions and directives undertaken by council should be communicated to the CAO in as timely a manner as possible.
To ensure good communication and exchange of information, it is imperative that the CAO ensures that the AngajukKak is briefed on any and all significant decisions, actions, or initiatives undertaken by staff, or of any issues which might be contentious, or which might be reasonably assumed to be important for the AngajukKak to know. Excellent (and ongoing) communication between these two individuals, in particular, is critically important to the effective day to day and long term administration of the town.

The Chief Administrative Officer should possess a degree or diploma in business administration or business management (or another equivalent program of studies), or must possess experience in public administration, management, or demonstrate equivalent skills and abilities which would be deemed to qualify him/her for the position. Training or certification in the area of municipal administration would be a definite asset.
A minimum of five years practical experience in a supervisory or management position (preferably in the municipal sector) is required to be eligible for the position.

Salary Range and Probation:
The salary range for this position is as negotiated directly between the CAO and the Inuit Community Government of Makkovik, or as outlined in a Management Agreement in effect between the two parties.
There will be a twelve (12) month probation period (for new hires) for the position of CAO, and upon successful completion of the probationary period, the employee will assume full-time permanent status with all rights and privileges therein. Must provide a valid up to date Code of Conduct upon application

Scope of Work:
The work of the CAO is distributed in the following broad areas:
1. Financial Management, Budgeting, and Financial Accountability
2. Management and Supervision
3. Office Administration
4. Statutory Obligations and Oversight
5. Information Systems and Technology
6. Outside Operations and Administration
7. Building and Development

***** NEW- Relocation Incentive Available****
The successful applicant will be offered a Relocation Incentive to assist in covering the cost of relocating to Makkovik( up to a maximum amount). The Relocation Incentive will be issued in two payments. 75% will be paid up front, and once copy of travel receipts are received, the final 25% will be issued.

Closing Date:
Resume and cover letter should be forwarded by 3:30 pm, April 16th, 2019

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