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Impostion of Municipal Taxes 2014
Posted 19 December 2013, 8:57 am NST
December 19, 2013

Imposition of Municipal Taxes for 2014
Effective January 01, 2014

In accordance with applicable section of the Municipalities Act( 1999) and The Act Respecting the Taxation of Utilities and Cable Television Companies, the Makkovik Inuit Community Government has imposed the following taxes and fee for the 2014 year:

Water and Sewer Tax- At a rate of $ 180.00 annually which includes $ 90.00 for water services and $ 90.00 for sewer services on all residences, commercial establishments, public buildings, etc that is connected to the Towns water and sewer system.

Property Tax- At a rate of .008 mils for all residences, commercial establishments and public building within Makkovik.

Business Tax-At a rate of .007 mils for business establishments operating within Makkovik.

Utility Tax- At a rate of 2.5% of 2013 gross revenue derived within Makkovik on all utilities and cable television companies who include NL Hydro, Bell Aliant, Bell Mobility and East Link Communications.

Tax Discount- There will be a tax discount of 5% available for those residents, establishments, etc being charged for water and sewer services and property taxes if the account is fully paid by March 31, 2014. Senior's residents who include any resident over the age of 65 years, will receive an additional 10% tax discount for Property Taxes.

Dump User Fees-At a rate of $ 420.00 annually on all establishments who are exempt from paying property taxes within Makkovik.

Metered Water- At a rate of $ 15.00 per ton any Marine Vessels, as well as an additional $15.00 per hour for each employee distributing the metered water to vessel.

Metered Water-At a rate of $ 1.33 per ton for any business operating within Makkovik.

Due Dates

Water and Sewer Taxes are de on a quarterly basis @ $ 45.00 per quarter. Property, Business and Utility Taxes are due on later than July 31, 2014

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