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Groomer Assistant Position- 2020-2021 Grooming Season
Posted 11 January 2021, 10:57 am NST
Job Opportunity

Groomer Assistant (Internal/External)
This is a seasonal unionized position that reports directly to the Chief Administrative Officer of the Makkovik Inuit Community Government

Experience in the operation and light maintenance of track vehicles and other equipment. Familiarity with the trail system and, in particular, the trail way between Makkovik and Mulligan is required. Employee must be capable of being insured (and maintaining coverage) under the town's vehicle and heavy equipment insurance, as well as the town's liability insurance coverage.

Additional knowledge, endorsements, and skills in the operation of GPS and other electronic equipment and telecommunications devices is an asset. GPS Training on Groomer will be available to new employees as well as operations of GPS.

Primary Areas of Responsibility:
The Groomer Assistant with the supervision of Groomer Operator assumes responsibility for the grooming and maintenance of the approximately 146 km trail way system between Makkovik to Burnt Lake, and for posting and maintenance of signage along the trail way system within these two points, and for the light maintenance and repair of the groomer as required. There are other responsibilities relating to safety precautions, issuing of warnings and dangers, placement of markers, and other responsibilities relating to the maintenance of the trail way under his/her jurisdiction and control

Scope of Work:
1. Trail Marking
2. Grooming of Trails
3. Signage and Safety Precautions
4. Repair and Maintenance of Equipment
5. Checking on Chalets

Salary:. $ 12.59 base rate plus 4% Vacation Pay and $ 3.41 northern allowance = $ 16.50

CLOSING DATE: FRIDAY, JANUARY 15TH, 2021 AT 3:00 PM START DATE: To be determined.

Resume and cover letter should be forwarded to:

Makkovik Inuit Community Government
P.O. Box 132
Makkovik, NL
A0P 1J0

By Fax (709) 923-2126
By Email: townmanager@makkovik.ca
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