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Posted 19 March 2020, 4:45 pm NDT
Makkovik Inuit Community Government
Local Newsletter- March 19, 2020
COVID-19 Local Preventive Measures

"Makkovik Inuit Community Government is highly committed to ensuring that Makkovik remains a healthy and safe Community, and have been taking all precautionary measures to prevent the potential spreading of COVID-19 while still delivering the essential Community Services during this time"

Makkovik Inuit Community Government Departments

MICG Town Office is officially closed to the public until further notice. To pay invoices, including municipal taxes, you may pay through on-line services and receipts will be sent via email or mailed out at later date. The 5% interest fees will be waived for March and possibly April 2020. Human Resources will be down scaled during this time, however essential services including garbage collection, water and sewer system monitoring ( including responding to water line freeze ups, if any) and also road maintenance if required, will continue. For users of the AWTC, the facility will remain open. Please wash your hands before and after collecting your water. For anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms, please have someone collect the water for you. Disinfectant wipes will be available, to wipe the faucet down before and after usage.

MICG strongly recommends that Community Members follow the recommendations of our Health Experts:

 Social Distancing and Self Isolating
 Washing hand for 20 seconds with soap and water

For further information and updates on COVID-19 please visit: https://www.health.gov.nl.ca/health/publichealth/cdc/coronavirus/

Local Retail and Organization Updates
Below are updates as of March 20, 2020. For further updates, we suggest that you contact them directly.

Dept of Health and Social Development - DHSD Office is closed to the general public however their staff is operating on a skeleton crew. If you require assistance or information, you may contact Public Heath by calling 923-2340/923-2240/923-2297.

Canada Post- Post Office- Canada Post is operating as usual. You are asked to practise the precautionary measures by washing your hands before checking your mail. If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, to have someone else check your mail .

Franks Grocery Store- Franks Grocery Store is operating under normal business hours.

A & K Varity-A & K Varity is operating as usual however the hours of operations is reduced until further notice. They are accepting purchases by email or telephone, and free home delivery is offered during this time. Maximum of four customer allowed in store at one time.

Hotel Makkovik- Operating with usual hours of operations, however the dining room is closed to general public. Take Out orders service only.

Nunatsiavut Government Office- Closed to general public. Exceptions will be made to ensure continued essential program and services.

Gas Station- Woodward's Gas Station will be operating as usual

Pantry and Wood Committee- The Pantry and Wood Committee is committed to Food and Wood security during this time for our vulnerable population. The Committee have been contacting residents and have been delivering food and wood to those in need. This is ongoing, and they will continue to monitor and offer assistance. Please contact Kate Mitchell at 709-923-2155 for further information.

Makkovik Craft Center- As at tomorrow, Friday, March 20th, 2020, craft center will be closed to general public. They will be accepting phone orders from local residents and accepting payments by emt.

Makkovik Moravian Church - Church Services, Sunday School will cancelled until further notice.

Residents are encouraged to practise social distancing and visit grocery stores and other establishments only when necessary. Take care of each other, especially those who have underlying medical conditions.

In case of an Emergency, please call our Chief Administrative Officer Kate Mitchell at 709-923-2155 or AngajukKak Barry Andersen at 709-923-2301. MICG will be monitoring the situation and will provide further updates through social media.

Air Borealis Airlines- Airlines will not be down scaling their flight as they realize it is a critical supply chain link. In the coming days reduced frequency is possible in light of lower demand for travel is possible however we understand the importance of consistent daily service for Cargo, Passengers and Mail.

Thank you to our Community Members for being proactive during this time by practising the precautionary measures. It will take the cooperation of everyone to ensure that we keep our Community Healthy and Safe.

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