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Makkovik's Got Talent Project (Phase 1)
Posted 13 January 2020, 5:23 pm NST
Here, when we talk about talents, it is not about singing or dancing in front of a crowd. Here talents are about the inner qualities and strengths that each person has differently from any other persons.
The problem is that that most people are unaware that they possess them, thus, they do not use them for their own good, neither for the good of their family and community.
MICG is presently looking for individuals who would like their talents (qualities-strengths) to be:
• discovered by some easy questionnaires; (Phase 1)
• uplifted, if hired, by professional training-coaching and tools adapted to their talents and to their needs; (Phase 2)
• used for a better quality of life for themselves, their team, family and Community.
(Phase 3)

As Phase 1 of this project, MICG is interested in making you (a Makkovik resident) aware of some of your qualities and strengths that would help uplift your awareness and your potential contribution to your family and to the Makkovik Community.
Even if you do not have the intention to apply to any present or future MICG job position, you can still come and fill out your questionnaire, this intervention is open to all persons of 16 to 96 years old.
If you would like to have an introduction to your inner qualities and strengths, please call 923-2221 today or ASAP, and give your name and phone number to MICG personnel.
Just say it is about the "Makkovik's Got Talent Project".
We will then agree on:
Doing What: filling out a one page questionnaire;
Duration: 15-20 minutes to fill up the questionnaire and 5 more minutes for the results;
Easy to answer: nothing to write except your name and some numbers on the page;
• If needed, MICG office personnel will help you fill out your questionnaire;
Results: You will discover between 10 and 32 of your own qualities and strengths.
• We are sure, it will be very interesting and an eye opener for you and for others;
When: the best time for you Tuesday, Wed. and Thursday January 14-15-16, from 8 am to 12 am; from 1:30 pm to 5 pm and 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Where: in the Town Council Building
Follow up: you keep your copy for potential discussions with family and friends;
• MICG will keep a copy of it as proof of your participation;
• From the results of this questionnaire, MICG personnel may call some of you for further information/discussion.

MICG wants the best quality of life for its employees and for the Makkovik population. That is why MICG, as an employer is giving the preference to Makkovik Community members to fill out the present and future job openings.
Our motto: "Makkovik, still in touch with Labrador's past, but leading towards the future"
Thank you for helping at building a continuously better and more smiling community!
An added bonus for those who participate your name will go into a draw for 5 gallons(23 litres) of gas.

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