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Thursday, May. 18, 2023
Driver Examiners visit scheduled for June 21st, see poster for more information.
Pul‚giagitsi! (Come Visiting!)
Welcome to Makkovik (larger version)
Welcome to our unique and beautiful community of Makkovik. We are proud to share the Inuit culture and heritage of our people to the rest of the world through the launch of a new and interactive website.

Makkovik has a wonderful history, great storytellers, talented musicians, and exciting festivals to keep you occupied during your visit. That is why we ask you to Pulâgiagitsi, which is the Inuktitut word for "come visiting". While you are here you can also enjoy its spectacular beauty, elegant natural trails, friendly people, and great food.

The Community Government Office would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding our community and we invite you to contact us by using any of the contact information shown below.

We appreciate your taking the time to investigate our website and invite you to experience our community in person, in order to truly appreciate everything it has to offer. Best wishes for an enjoyable visiting!

Makkovik Inuit Community Government
16 Andersen Street, P.O. Box 132
Makkovik, NL, A0P 1J0

Tel. (709) 923-2221
Fax. (709) 923-2126
email: info@makkovik.ca


The purpose of this website is to provide information about the community government services and local attractions. In establishing and maintaining its official Web site, the Town does not intend in any manner to create a forum or other means by which public discourse, exchange of opinions, or discussion on issues of any nature may occur. Rather, the sole and limited purpose of the Town's Web site and permitted external links is to provide information of a factual nature about Makkovik including various services and resources available within and around the Town, or as may be available from other governmental agencies.

The goals of the Web site are to encourage increased citizen participation in Town government by making public information more readily available to them, provide electronic access to Town information through a logical single point of entry (http://www.makkovik.ca) and to keep the public informed of local/community events.

The Makkovik Inuit Community Government owns and operates this Web site as an information service to its residents and to the public generally. This Web site is a supplement to, and not a replacement for, information available from town offices. The Town reserves the right to determine what information shall and shall not be placed on this Web site.


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